full service projects

We offer our extensive retail Telco experience worldwide, innovative, creative and technical  minds, to be partner in your next project!

From design, prototyping to installation and maintenance.

1. Design - Engineering: Making a product stand out in its environment means that the physical holder has to blend in with the surrounding furniture and Corporate Identity colours used in a ´brick & mortar´ world. We make a special design for all of our customers to make this a reality.

2. Sketching – Drawing: The design process always starts with a sketch. Our designers materialise the thoughts and ideas created during customer brainstorm sessions in close cooperation with the in-store design studios into a first 3D drawing in paper. This craft is part of a long Duonell heritage followed by the transformation of the chosen options into a 3D computer model (CAD/CAM). Making use of in-house educated material specialist we can match the requirements with the optimal combination of mechanic and electronic components.

3. Prototyping: The results of this preparation work is the building of a prototype – in real size! This step is unique to Duonell. We offer the client a real size 3D model as we know of experience how difficult it is to imagine how the end result will be from a paper drawing. In a special work shop we have gathered specialised machinery that gives Duonell the maximum flexibility for creating both mechanic and electronic prototypes. Even small pre-production batches are within the capabilities.

4. Assembly. Putting everything together to see if the basic ideas work is done during the final product development stage. Here we can see if the ideas first put on paper which have been transferred into a computer model are bringing the wished end result.

5. Installation & Maintenance. Experienced technicians will provide a professional installation. All solutions are designed for easy maintenance. The ´Plug & Play´ system allows the shop staff to replace product holders themselves and keep the shop up-to-date in no-time. We offer an in-house developed ´pro-active´ maintenance tool to bring more efficient, easy and relevant corrective action planning to store employees by allowing them to manage alarms and show alerts in a mobile application.