Display & secure your accessories in blister package with the Duonell EuroHook®. Due to its unique safety screw mounting system, the EuroHook® is the most optimal security solution. The Eurohooks shows the products in a perfect straight line for a clean and optimal slatwall presentation. Available with or without digital price tags (ESL) or stop locks. Also available for slatwall and pegboard!

Why ESL?

Dynamic pricing ensures accurate pricing and real-time promotions.Because shopping experience is of great importance, a combination of product presentation and up-to-date price & product information ensures an optimal product experience.The displayed information and rates are centrally managed so clients will always have the correct information.Printed paper price tags in shops can be replaced by this efficient solution for an improved visibility of product information and prices.

The Duonell EuroHook® is available in different lengths and colours. The price tag holder serves as stop lock for the blister packages and is to open with a special decoupler key. We offer different possibilities to adjust the design of the price tag holder to have a customized solution.