esl integration

Duonell offers retail display security solutions with integrated ESL and Full color Displays.

Why ESL integration?

Dynamic pricing ensures accurate & reliable pricing and real-time promotions.

CMS to manage content & pricing. Digitizing the store has the advantage that all information and data is centrally managed. All updates in price and product information are processed via the headquarter so no more time consuming replacing of paper price tags per shop, no more discussions with clients about price differences and shop staff 

has more time to spend on client service and/or other tasks. Because shopping experience is of great importance, a combination of product presentation and up-to-date price & product information ensures an optimal product experience.

Products are displayed in combination with ESL, as a whole, so there is no doubt about which product belongs to which price.

We offer integration solutions for different types of displays. From E-paper (2" - 4,4") to 3,5" display or 5" & 7" touchscreen.