marketing, maintenance & communication

We offer an in-house developed ´pro-active´ maintenance tool to measure and log all interactions that can be used for marketing and communication optimisation purposes. A solution for retailers to gather valuable information as e.g. pick up information. The tool also allows you to follow up the shop performance. You will receive real-time information about the functioning of products and malfunctions are detected immediately. This will improve the shop performance and save costs & time in maintenance. Follow up is possible on chain level, shop level, per product or sensor level.

This preventive measurement and self-service maintenance toolkit will enable your in-store employees to act and repair themselves, lowering your overall Total Cost of Ownership while optimising the uptime of the system (measurement and alarm).

The Smart Shop App, is created for the shop staff as a guide through the shop. They will receive information on the positions which need maintenance. No longer necessary to check all the positions/devices in the stores, but only the ones which need maintenance. And by a simple click they can illuminate the LED-light on the product holder so easy to see which positions needs to be checked. Major time saver for shop staff!