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Duonell is your partner in organizing a full service project where we follow up the process of design, development, prototyping, production and implementation. We will support and assist where needed to realize a product presentation with integration on the desired product holder, security level, type of display.

We offer our knowledge and experience to develop a complete product with integration in the concept. Check out some of our projects

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1 - approach


Process of thinking with the client to find a complete solution for his concept. During the first interview we listen to your needs and we will make a proposition from design to realisation. We will be working towards an ideal solution by searching the perfect presentation and security solution! 

6 - implementation & after care


Guidance and installation of the concept in the stores by Duonell or own installers. 

5 - production


The prototype is being prepared for production taking into account costs and manufacturability. A 0-series is intended to prepare for mass production. Products of the 0-series can be used for the proto stores.

4 - prototype


The prototype will be tested and adjusted where necessary. A physical prototype is made which gives the customer a realistic image of the final product. At this moment, the client together with designer, can still make adjustments to the design if necessary.  

3 - development


Starting from the design, we start working to develop a customized product to integrate in the desired concept. Based on the design, products will be developed with customer specific features. 

2 - design


Clients wishes are converted into possible solutions. To visualize, concept drawings are made. We work together with designers our your own designer.