about us

Established in 2000, Duonell is a Dutch company present in the Eindhoven region. More specific in the ´Brainport of Eindhoven´ which is one of the most prominent High Tech Centres of Europe.

We are specialised in  both design and creation of innovative, customised physical secured product presentation solutions. These include retail security, optimised product display, seamless furniture integration and analytics functionality. Last but not least, we offer an in-house developed ´pro-active´ maintenance tool to bring more efficient, easy and relevant corrective action planning to store employees by allowing them to manage alarms and show alerts in a mobile application.

With recent customers as KPN, Mobistar (Orange) and Maroc Telecom our product presentation concepts are used by major brands to protect and enhance the product proposition in the physical world.

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Duonell will now and in the future intervene and be the innovative partner for retailers to let shoppers have the best shopping experience!

Everyone wants to shop, it is a human characteristic that satisfies the needs of materialism. Successful retail always has to be a mirror of the society in which they should; the type of retail is driven by competition, innovation and consumer desires. Retail will always exist; more than 50% of all products purchased in the store are for loved ones (spouse, children, family, friends, etc.). Shopping experience is becoming more exciting and fun.


our mission

Striving for the best is in our DNA. Having our roots in the Euregio we combine both creativity and craftsmanship in all that we deliver. Quality assurance in both production and logistics combined with a state of the art service is an assurance of our customer satisfaction.